Dammuso dei Turchi


Dammuso dei Turchi is an authentic ancient Dammuso, the property is also mentioned in many of the history books of Pantelleria.

It is in fact divided in 2 dammusos, the smaller one witha single bed can accomodate one person, the second one has 2 qeen size beds suitable for 4 people,outside is a small veranda and beside it is the kitchen. The bathroom with the shower is located on the outside.

The outside terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea is the most fasinating part of the property, it has a barbecue where you can cook many delicious dishes,a must is the sword fish steak which is easy to find in the fish market at the port of Pantelleria. Sofas,beach chairs, hammocks and a comfortable table make this terrace the place where you spend most of your day unwinding, reading,sun bathing and eating. It will often happen that while you are drinking coffe in the morning or having a drink at sunset you might be distracted by a peculiar sound of gayser,no worry, look at the sea and you will see the dolphins so close you hear them breathing!!

On your back, towards the mountain a breathtaking 3500sqm  vineyard makes this Dammuso one of the most beautiful and cheque ones in the entire island.

The position of the  propriety,  located in the cove of Martingana, makes your holiday even more unique as this part of the island during the summer is the most protected one from the winds, this allows you to swim every day by just walking a few steps from the house and you will find yourself immersed in the incredible turqouise waters of Pantelleria!

Real Luxury

this spot of the island is  secluded, no tv, no phone, only this year we have decided to install free wi-fi. Other than this the sound of the ocean is only what you hear.

Welcome and enjoy your stay with us.

How to get there

From the airport it's about 20 minutes drive, 18km. please follow the link 


For car and scooter rentals: http://www.autonoleggiopantelleria.it